Welcome to The Green Dragon

The Green Dragon Bistro and Pub is dedicated to the education & appreciation of craft beer.

928 SE 9th Avenue in Portland, OR

56 rotating taps. Home of the Green Dragon Brew Crew & Buckman Botanical Brewery.


Every Wednesday the Green Dragon Brew Crew releases a new brew & every Thursday, we host a brewer from local and regional breweries.

Sunday – Thursday: 11am to 11pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am to 1am

Happy Hours
Sunday – Thursday: 4pm to 6pm & 9pm to Close
Friday – Saturday: 4pm to 6pm & 10 to Close

Kids welcome before 8pm; Dogs welcome always — on the patio.

Green Dragon Brew Crew – Lemon Drop Blonde

What: The Green Dragon Brew Crew releases, Lemon Drop Blonde
When: Wednesday, September 2nd @ 5pm
Specs: ABV: 5.6%, IBU: 26

On this Second Day of September, 2015, we gather at the Green Dragon to pay tribute to a memorable summer. Hot, dry, windy and smoky. One for the record books.

The Green Dragon Brew Crew crafted Lemon Drop Blonde with this summer in mind. This blonde is smooth, dry and will leave your mouth watering for more. It was dry-hopped with Lemon Drop hops to give you the ultimate refreshing citrus experience.

Join us in a toast to summer, and welcome in the cool days of fall.

Green Dragon Brew Crew cropped

Meet The Brewer – Heretic Brewing

What: Meet The Brewer – Jamil Zainasheff of Heretic Brewing
When: Friday, August 28th @ 5pm.
Brews: Tafelbully, Seven Sins Saison, Chocolate Hazelnut Porter, Petite Rouge, Torment Belgian Dark

Embrace your inner heretic this Friday for a special night of Meet The Brewer. Jamil Zainasheff of Heretic Brewing is known for pushing the boundaries of craft beer, and is bringing with him five of his best brews to prove it. Heretic’s slogan is, “Don’t Drink Ordinary Beer.” We couldn’t agree more.

Heretic Brewing web

Meet The Brewer – Loowit Brewing

What: Meet The Brewer – Devon Bray, founder of Loowit Brewing.
When: Thursday, August 27th @ 5pm.
Brews: Shadow Ninja IPA, Blunderbusser, Koronides, Storm Shadow IIPA, Two-Sixteen Red Ale, Space Jammer.

Direct from across the river in Beercouver, Washington, Loowit founder and brewer Devon Bray joins us at the Green Dragon Thursday evening with an imposing selection of beers from this award winning microbrew. Founded in 2012, Loowit Brewing specializes in approachable and well-balanced ales.

For descriptions of the brews at this week’s Meet The Brewer, please scroll down.

Loowit Brewing Web

Shadow Ninja IPA: Their flagship beer.

Blunderbusser: A re-creation of a German-style Kotbüsser ale. Was once outlawed under the Reinheitsgebot.

Koronides: Grapefruit wheat IPA featuring Galaxy and Comet hops with grapefruit zest added in the brite.

Storm Shadow IIPA: Comes in at 9% ABV. Great balance of malt and hops (Nugget, Centennial, Chinook).

Two-Sixteen Red Ale: Their 2nd most popular beer behind Shadow Ninja. It’s more of an irish-style red. Low ABV, nice malt and hop balance.

Space Jammer: An American Pale Ale.

Green Dragon Brew Crew – Oubliette Black CDA

What: The Brew Crew and guest brewer Dylan VanDetta present, Oubliette Black CDA.
When: Wednesday, August 26th @ 5pm.
Specs: ABV: 8.1%, IBU: 85

This week’s release from the Brew Crew and guest brewer Dylan VanDetta is an award-winning Cascadian Dark Ale.

How dark is it? Dylan reached back thousands of years into medieval history to name his creation. An oubliette is a type of dungeon where the only way out was through the roof. It dates back to 14th century France and roughly translates as the “forgotten place.” These were dark places indeed.

We assure that you despite a recipe that includes six types of hops, a flavorful palate of chocolate and coffee, plus a citrusy aroma, there’s nothing dark or sinister about Oubliette Black CDA (except for the color.) All it takes is one taste and you’ll discover that this one homebrew you’ll never want to forget.

Oubliette Black CDA creator Dylan VanDatta on mash day at the Green Dragon.

Oubliette Black CDA creator Dylan VanDetta on mash day at the Green Dragon.

Meet The Brewer – Three Creeks Brewing

What: Meet The Brewer – Zach Beckwith of Three Creeks Brewing
When: Thursday, August 20th @ 5pm.
Brews: Hoodoo Voodoo IPA, RidgeTrail Session Ale, Vaquero Imperial IPA, FivePine Chocolate Porter, Rum Pine Double Chocolate Porter

After a stint at Lompoc Brewing and getting PINTS up and running in Portland, Zach Beckwith made the ride over the Cascades to join Three Creeks Brewing in Sisters, Oregon. Drawing inspiration from the majestic mountains, towering forests and sparkling creeks, Zach and his crew are crafting some truly awesome brews.

Join us Thursday for Meet the Brewer with Zach Beckwith of Three Creeks Brewing.

Three Creeks Web

Green Dragon Brew Crew – Mmmadness IPA

What: The Green Dragon Brew Crew release of Mmmadness IPA
When: Wednesday August 19th @ 5pm
Specs: ABV 7.9%, IBU 97

The Brew Crew poured in a healthy helping of Meridian and Magnum hops to craft Mmmadness IPA, a wonderfully full-throated Northwest IPA that’s both smooth and bold.

Mmmadness IPA is an ode to the hop harvest, which is just getting started at Rogue Farms and throughout Oregon. This is greatest time to be a craft beer lover. The hops are ripe for picking and the beer is flowing. Come to the Green Dragon this Wednesday and join us in a celebration of the season.

Green Dragon Brew Crew

Meet The Brewer – Beer Valley Brewing

What: Meet The Brewer – Pete Ricks of Beer Valley Brewing
When: Thursday, August 13th @ 5pm.
Brews: Hop Shoot Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale, Gone Fishin Mild Ale, Leafer Madness, and World Champion Black Flag Imperial Stout.

Tonight we welcome Pete Ricks of Beer Valley Brewing to the Green Dragon. From the small town of Ontario, Oregon, Beer Valley specializes in strong ales made from local hops, prairie grown barley and mountain water. Focusing on just six beers and a few seasonals, Beer Valley is dedicated to quality over quantity.

Pete is making this a special night for craft beer fans. He’ll tap the first ever keg of Hop Shoot Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale to be served in Portland. Come and try it before he runs out!

Beer Valley