Welcome to The Green Dragon

The Green Dragon Bistro and Pub is dedicated to the education & appreciation of craft beer.

928 SE 9th Avenue in Portland, OR.

56 rotating taps. Home of the Green Dragon Brew Crew & Buckman Botanical Brewery.

Every Wednesday the Green Dragon Brew Crew releases a new brew & every Thursday, we host a brewer from local and regional breweries.

Open every day, 11am – 12am
Happy Hour: 4pm-6pm

Kids welcome before 9pm; Dogs welcome always — on the patio.

Green Dragon Brew Crew – Imperial IPA

What: The Green Dragon Brew Crew presents Imperial IPA
When: Wednesday August 5th @ 5pm
Specs: ABV 9.5%, IBU 200+ (not a typo)

If you like hop bombs, then this latest release from the Green Dragon Brew Crew is an absolute bunker buster. Exploding with more than 200 IBUs and coming on strong at nearly 10% ABV.

These uber-hoppy and strong beers were invented less than 20 years ago as brewers pushed the boundaries on bitterness and alcoholic intensity. They were such a break from the past, the experts had to create a whole new category for them – the Imperial IPA.

Come to the Green Dragon this Wednesday and join the Brew Crew as they challenge your taste buds.

Green Dragon Brew Crew cropped

Meet The Brewer – Heater Allen

What: Meet The Brewer – Rick Allen and Patrick Harkins of Heater Allen Brewing
When: Thursday, July 30th @ 5pm.
Brews: Pils, CoastalSterk en Donker, Mediator

Heater Allen is a small, artisan brewery from McMinnville, Oregon known for their unique interpretations of German and Czech style lagers. Heater Allen uses a German-style step-mashing process that, when combined with long, low temperature lagering, results in maltier and naturally clearer beer without filtering.

Join us at the Green Dragon and discover the love of lagers.

Heater Allen Brewing Web

Green Dragon Brew Crew Presents Effing Gud Kolsch

What: The Green Dragon Brew Crew presents Effing Güd Kölsch
When: Wednesday July 29th @ 5pm
Specs: ABV 5.2%, IBU 23

Green Dragon Brew CrewAfter Brew Crew member Tracy tried Alex’s fierce kölsch that was released at the Green Dragon in May, she threw down saying she could top it.

Thus began the brew-off challenge for who could make the best damn refreshing summer kölsch beer ever. Come out and enjoy this light and refreshing kölsch and see for yourself.

Effing Güd Kölsch is a refreshing, easy drinking beer with floral and citrus aromas and a clean lightly bready malt body.  If you can’t make it to Germany this summer, make it to the Green Dragon to try Effing Güd Kölsch.

Tracy Hensley vs. Alex Graham. May the best kolsch reign!

Tracy Hensley vs. Alex Graham. May the best kölsch reign!

Meet The Brewers – Lagunitas and Payette Brewing

Our mugs runneth over this week at the Green Dragon as we present, not just one but two, amazing craft brewers on the same night! Bring your thirst and prepared to be wowed.

Please note – this week’s Meet The Brewer begins an hour early at 4pm.

Lagunitas Dog Web


What: Meet The Brewer – Sam Thompson of Lagunitas Brewing
When: Thursday, July 23rd. 4pm to 7pm on the Green Dragon patio.
Brews: Pils, Dogtown Pale, Little Sumpin Extra, Fusion 30 (Saison with white wine grapes)
Extra: The event will feature an oyster bar catered by Lagunitas. Oysters will be available until they run out.



What: Meet The Brewer – Mike Francis of Payette Brewing
When: Thursday, July 23rd. 6pm to 9pm
Brews: Maibock, Blood Orange IPA, Tripel, 12 Gauge, Hoops & Staves (Belgian Quad aged in Cabernet barrels)

Brew Crew Release – English IPA

What: The Green Dragon Brew Crew presents English IPA
When: Wednesday July 22nd @ 5pm
Specs: ABV 6.1%, IBU 63

Join the Green Dragon Brew Crew on a journey back in time, to the days when Britannia ruled the waves and to the creation of the India Pale Ale.

This week’s release is a true to its roots, English IPA. Brewed with German malts, and British malts and hops, this an amber hued beauty with a slightly malted profile.

May the sun never set on the English IPA!

Green Dragon Brew Crew

Meet The Brewer – Baerlic Brewing

What: Meet The Brewer – Rik Hall and Ben Parsons of Baerlic Brewing
When: Thursday, July 16th. 5pm to 8pm. Rik and Ben speak at 6pm.
Brews: Eastside Oatmeal Pilsner, Everlight American Saison, Invincible IPA, Woodworker Bourbon Barrel-Aged Brown Ale

Rik and Ben grew up together in Idaho, then reconnected years later after both moved to Portland, Oregon. Their love of homebrewing turned into a full-time passion and Baerlic Brewing was born.

Baerlic is an Old English word meaning, “of barley.” The name represents an approach to brewing that’s simple and true. By the way, it’s pronounced “bear lick.”

Join us at the Green Dragon Thursday night and discover what friendship tastes like.

Rik Hall (left) and Ben Parsons (right) of Baerlic Brewing.

Rik Hall (left) and Ben Parsons (right) of Baerlic Brewing.

Brew Crew Release – Smoked Marzen

What: The Green Dragon Brew Crew presents Smoked Marzen
When: Wednesday July 15th @ 5pm
Specs: ABV 5.8%, IBU 22

Green Dragon Brew CrewJoin the Green Dragon Brew Crew this Wednesday as they tap a brew with a mysterious origin.

According to legend, the rauchbier style was born in centuries ago in Bamberg, Germany when a monastery caught on fire. Smoke from the flames drifted into the monks’ brewery and gave their malt, and thus their beer, a unique smoky flavor.

To craft Smoked Marzen, the Brew Crew used all German malt from the famous Weyermann malting company of Bamberg. Judicious use of German Haullertauer hops adds just enough bitterness to counter the sweetness of the malt and enhance the long lasting smoked malt finish.

Brewed to Marzen or Octoberfest bier strength, aromas of smoke greet you as you raise your glass and the flavor is clear from the first sip through the last swallow.