Welcome to The Green Dragon

The Green Dragon Bistro and Pub is dedicated to the education & appreciation of craft beer.

928 SE 9th Avenue in Portland, OR

56 rotating taps. Home of the Green Dragon Brew Crew & Buckman Botanical Brewery.


Every Wednesday the Green Dragon Brew Crew releases a new brew & every Thursday, we host a brewer from local and regional breweries.

Sunday – Thursday: 11am to 11pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am to 1am

Happy Hours
Sunday – Thursday: 4pm to 6pm & 9pm to Close
Friday – Saturday: 4pm to 6pm & 10 to Close

Kids welcome before 8pm; Dogs welcome always — on the patio.

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Shopping Or Drinking Beer, It’s Your Choice

What: The Green Dragon Presents: Black Beer Friday, the largest selection of Black Beers under one roof.
When: Black Friday, November 27th, 11am to Close

Why would anyone want to stand in long lines and fight crowds when they could be drinking some awesome Black Beers instead? We don’t have any idea either.

So avoid all that hassle and join us at the Green Dragon for the 5th Annual Black Beer Friday. Last time we counted there were more than two dozen black beers on tap.

A portion of the proceeds will go to help Angelo M. De Ieso II with medical bills associated with his ongoing battle with an Oligodendroglioma, a rare type of brain tumor. Angelo has been a local beer writer, major contributor, advocate to the craft beer community, and co-founder of BREWPUBLIC.

And if you absolutely, positively have to buy something because it’s Black Friday, Rogue Ales and Spirits is having a Garage Sale right across the street. Great deals on Rogue lagers, stouts and ales in kegs, bottles and growlers as well as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, glassware and more.

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This Week’s Release: Altstadt Alt

What: The Green Dragon Brew Crew releases Altstadt Alt
When: Wednesday, November 25th @ 5pm
Specs:  ABV: 5.5%, IBU: 44

Some beers are hard to define. Such is the case with the altbier.

Fermented similarly to an ale, but aged like a lager, the altbier has roots going back to the Middle Ages in Northern Germany. When lagers became the rage in Germany during the 1800s, the brewers of Dusseldorf stubbornly stuck with their ales. Today, this town on the Rhine River is the spiritual home of the altbier. “Alt” means old.

This week’s release from the Green Dragon Brew Crew is a tribute to the old ways. Inspired by a trip to Dusseldorf, Altstadt Ale is brewed with a pronounced malt richness from the German malt, and an assertive noble hop bitterness that rounds it out with a lightly spicy finish.

Drop by the Dragon Wednesday evening for a pint. This is a brew to be enjoyed, not defined.

The Altstadt (old town) section of Dusseldorf, Germany.

The Altstadt (old town) section of Dusseldorf, Germany.

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Sunriver Brewing

What: Meet The Brewer – Brett Thomas of Sunriver Brewing
When: Thursday, November 19th. Tapping at 5pm, Thomas speaks at 6pm
Brews: Shred Head Winter Ale, Hop Shop Nelson IPA, Cocoa Cow Chocolate Milk Stout, On Deck Northwest Pale Ale

Brett Thomas of Sunriver Brewing drops in Thursday evening with a terrific line up of awesome craft beers. Join him for a pint and find out more about this upstart craft brewery from the beautiful resort of Sunriver, Oregon.

Sunriver Brewing Web

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This Week’s Release: Wie-Be Nuts

What: The Green Dragon Brew Crew releases Wie-Be Nuts
When: Wednesday, November 18th @ 5pm
Specs:  ABV: 6.3%, IBU: 25

Homebrew brothers Len Currier and Jeff Wood didn’t have to look hard for inspiration for this week’s brew, Wie-Be Nuts. The secret ingredient? Hazelnuts picked from Wiebe Hazelnut Orchards near Monmouth, Oregon. Jeff’s family just happens to own the place.

Think of Wie-Be Nuts as a Northern English Brown Ale with an Oregon flavor. It’s complex and silky-malt sweet with subtle flavors of stone fruit, toffee, chocolate and of course, roasted hazelnuts. Len and Jeff’s creation won first place in the Northern English Brown category at the 2015 Slurp & Brew Homebrew Competition.

Come to the Green Dragon Wednesday evening and join us for a pint or two of Wie-Be Nuts!

Jeff Wood and Len Currier using the Green Dragon's nano system to brew Wie-Be Nuts .

Jeff Wood (left) and Len Currier (right) using the Green Dragon’s nano system to brew Wie-Be Nuts .

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Sasquatch Brewing

What: Meet The Brewers – Mike Paladino, Ryan Nicolai, and Casey Ellingson from Sasquatch Brewing
When: Thursday, November 12th. Tapping at 5pm, Brewers speak at 6pm
Brews: I.S.A., Moby Dick Imperial IPA, Grand Cru Belgian Blonde, Vanilla Bourbon Cream Ale

This week, the Green Dragon welcomes Head Brewer Mike Paladino and his cohorts from Sasquatch Brewing. Sasquatch’s philosophy is all about community. Whether it’s the beer, or the food, Sasquatch makes it fresh from high quality, locally sourced ingredients while creating a place for all their friends and neighbors to hang out.

Drop by the Green Dragon Thursday night and sample some of the great variety from this small, craft brewer.

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Celebrate 6 Years And 50,000 Pints Of Homebrew

What: Green Dragon Brew Crew Sixth Anniversary Celebration and special release of Descent Into Darkness
When: Wednesday, November 11th @ 5pm
Specs:  ABV: 9.8%, IBU: 62

On November 9th, 2009, The Green Dragon Brew Crew brewed their first ever beer on a broken-down nano system in the space that would one day become the Buckman Botanical Brewery. The beer, named “Finally IPA”, would be the first of some 300 unique brews the crew has produced in the past 6 years. They have dutifully released a new beer almost every Wednesday since.

In honor of their sixth anniversary, we invite you to raise a glass of “Descent Into Darkness”, a Russian Imperial Stout that’s become one of the Brew Crew’s most acclaimed creations.

A multi-day collaboration between several crew members, this dark monster was aged in a Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey barrel for two months, then cellared for nearly two years. The full, rich flavor of five malts displays layers of chocolate and vanilla complemented with the subtle flavors of toasted oak and whiskey from the barrel.

Celebrate the sixth anniversary of the Green Dragon Brew Crew by indulging in one of our favorite beers!”

GDBC 6th Anniversary Party_Flyer

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Learn To Homebrew Day And Lit Crawl

Homebrewing and literature may not sound like they have much in common, but we’re bringing them together this weekend at the Green Dragon.

First, the Green Dragon Brew Crew is hosting Learn To Homebrew Day on Saturday, November 7th starting at 11am. Homebrewers extraordinaire Tracy and Warren will show you how to brew a Winter Ale from scratch on the Buckman nano system. Tracy will serve up some of her Fresh Hop Butternut Saison. Bring yourself, your friends and your love for craft beer.

That evening, join us as poets, artists, authors, and visionaries fill the Green Dragon for the 1st Annual Portland Lit Crawl.

Here’s the schedule:

Learn To Homebrew Day
11am to 12:30pm – Buckman Botanical Brewery

Portland Lit Crawl
Green Dragon Grow Hut
7:30 to 8:15pm – Microcosm presents: The Culinary Cyclist
8:30 to 9:15pm – Mad Gorilla Time Limit Poetry

Green Dragon Barrel Room
7:30 to 8:15pm – Hand-drawn Jokes for Smart, Attractive People
8:30 to 9:15pm – Burnside Review Showcase: Kris/Krossed Out

For more information on these events click on the links provided above.